The unique handcrafted stoneware of South Carolina artist, Karen Collins. 


The Story

The pottery started with Karen's vision and conviction that she needed to manifest her abilities and talents into the dream she had always had which was to be the owner of a pottery studio and business. 

Starting the business from scratch has been no small feat. Everything from building the studio, running electricity to it, installing heaters for the winter, buying clay, investing in a kiln, creating her own tools, building shelves for the turned pieces, accumulating many of her very own glazes, and getting herself into shows and fairs was all part of the process that turned Lonesome Pine Pottery into a functional business. Almost none of this would have been possible if it were not through the help of her husband, Bill, who believes in her dream and wants to see Karen be successful through her talent.

All along the way, the pottery business has been a great outlet for Karen to involve friends, family, and community in the fun and rewarding work that she enjoys. Today Karen Collins is often accompanied by Krissy Wagstaff who also creates work for Lonesome Pine as well as coordinates and assists with many of the shows and shops that Lonesome Pine Pottery appears in.


Lonesome Pine Pottery is always looking for new shows to appear in as well as do work for commission. Check out the upcoming events and come by and visit the studio-the wiener dogs don't bite! :)